Recipes with blackthorn

In the following list of recipes you can find 6 recipes made with blackthorn ingredient.
  • Shake in a shaker with ice cubes. Serve in tumbler tight, with a long spiral of lemon peel.
    Main ingredient: Dry Vermouth
  • Pay directly and with great slowness ingredients into the Goblet previously paunchy cooled in the refrigerator so that you do not mix with each other.
    Main ingredient: Cocoa Cream
  • Shake vigorously in a shaker with ice cubes gradually. Serve in tumbler tight, with a splash of Seltzer and a cherry to maraschino.
    Main ingredient: Gin
  • Shake with crushed ice. Serve in wide goblet, adding a drop of Blackthorn and a maraschino cherry.
    Main ingredient: Cognac
  • Shake vigorously in a shaker. Serve in low, with gotto splash of ginger ale and two ice cubes.
    Main ingredient: Cognac
  • Shake with ice in little cubes. Serve in flute without decoration.
    Main ingredient: Gin