Nests of tuna pate

Nests of tuna pate
Nests of tuna pate 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Place in Blender tuna, butter and divided into small pieces, anchovy fillets chopped too.

Run until you get a fine and uniform cream.

Pour the cream into a bowl and add the mascarpone, working the mixture with a wooden spoon after salty and peppery.

Let stand for 15 minutes.

Go carefully through a sieve the slices of salmon and raccoglietele in a bowl.

Mount is cream with the Blender in another bowl, with the addition of a little salt and thereupon add, little by little, to salmon, working the mixture with a wooden spoon.

Add the grated horseradish, sugar, vinegar and lemon juice, to obtain a perfect amalgamation.

Make toast lightly in the oven the slices of bread and ritagliatele in the form of disks.

Gather pastry nozzle in the tuna Pate.

Pressing the Pocket, formed with the mixture on each slice of bread so many overlapping concentric circles, so that mimic the shape of a nest.

Put at the center of each nest about a spoonful of salmon mousse.

Put to boil the quail eggs, then Peel.

Place 2 eggs in each nest, leaving them on salmon mousse.

Place the nests as follows on a tray or in a serving dish, decorated around with sliced gherkins to taste, then serve.

Nests of tuna pate

Ingredients and dosing for 6 persons


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