Bread stuffing

Bread stuffing
Bread stuffing 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Remove the top to the bread and keep it for use as a lid.

With a sharp knife marked four cuts deep inside, leaving about 1 cm and a half of bread still around and clearing the way to have some sort of box.

Meanwhile, you have prepared a sauce not too dense, using broth instead of milk, and there will mixed chicken giblets, first cooked in butter and marsala, backrests and treated in the same way as Sweetbreads, mushrooms and butter were unearthed, some ham and dadetto, if it's the season, even the peas (or asparagus), sauteed in butter.

Grease well with melted butter all over the inside of the bread, add the drained sauce with all ingredients, grease the inside of the lid that you again on bread and butter then largely melted butter the bread even outside.

Ten minutes before serving, place in a hot oven, on service, your bread stuffing, and sending it to the table, contornatelo of butter peas or other vegetables in butter.

Bread stuffing

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