Tortelloni with mushrooms

Tortelloni with mushrooms
Tortelloni with mushrooms 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Knead the flour with the egg, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of chopped parsley.

Let the dough rest in a cool place for 30 minutes and, in the meantime, Peel all the mushrooms and cut them into strips.

Put them to cook in four tablespoons of olive oil together with the onion and a clove of minced garlic.

Add salt, pepper and keep on high heat until it is dry.

Passed then the mushrooms to food processor along with the bread soaked in milk and wrung out, collecting the proceeds in a bowl.


the Parmesan, salt, pepper and a pinch of chopped parsley.

With the coffee roll the dough into thin sheets.

Ritagliatele to 5 cm squares of side length; at the center of each place a spoonful of mixture with mushrooms.

Fold the triangle and pasta, keeping one end between thumb and forefinger, turn around the latter closing ring finger.

When all tortelloni are ready, boil them al dente draining.

For the sauce, Saute one chopped shallot in butter, then add the cream, salt, pepper and tortelloni.

Let them jump over high heat so that you insaporiscano, sprinkle them with Parmesan and chopped Sage leaves, then serve.

Tortelloni with mushrooms

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