Simply allowing sandwiches

Simply allowing sandwiches
Simply allowing sandwiches 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Prepare a thin omelette with two eggs, a tablespoon of Basil and half of parsley, a pinch of salt, parmesan and 40 g of butter, then set aside to cool and cut into wedges.

Take 40 g of softened butter in a bowl and mix in a style of anchovy paste, capers and gherkin reduced to chopped very fine and the rest of the parsley, then passed through a sieve the mixture and put it aside.

In another bowl stir 40 g butter with anchovy paste remained, pass this mixture through a sieve and keep it aside.

Make toast slightly in hot oven (200 degrees) the slices of bread, then divide them in half drawing from each of these two triangles are equal.

Spread on two triangles a veil of anchovy butter, cover with slices of salami and cover them with other two triangles of bread ' staring at each sandwich with a toothpick.

With the same process filled the other two sandwiches with caper butter and ham, two with mayonnaise, omelette and ham, two with mustard and omelette.

If you prefer, you can use in place of bread some milk, sandwiches round or oval, you can also vary the meats, matching them with appropriate sauces or compound butters and possibly with other fresh vegetables or salad.

Simply allowing sandwiches

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