Scallops au gratin with thyme

Scallops au gratin with thyme
Scallops au gratin with thyme 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Open and thoroughly rinse clams and convex parts of the valve, which you will use as cooking containers.

Cut the white part (Walnut) into slices, leaving the coral.

Sauté them for 3 or 4 minutes in a pan with the butter.

Sfumateli with one-third cup of white wine.

Remove them, drain them and keep them warm.

Pour the sauce in the same pan and season both in cooking the scallops.

Chop in the mixer the slices of bread with some sprigs of thyme.

Split the molluscs between half-valve and salsatele with the sauce.

Strew with chopped aromatic, add salt and put them under the grill until they will be golden brown.

Advice: open the scallops is easy: you just warm them on a plate because the two valve hatch and you can pass through the tip of a knife; You can buy, though, also already opened and separated or, if back comfortable and you have preserved shells from a previously prepared, frozen.

Suggested wine: Regaleali bianco.

Scallops au gratin with thyme

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