Mackerel fillets for appetizer

Mackerel fillets for appetizer
Mackerel fillets for appetizer 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


With a round pasta cutter formed, pressing it on bread slices, disks that you will share in half so you get halfmoons.

Arrange on a baking sheet and lightly toast them in the oven already warm (190 degrees).

Shelled eggs and egg yolks separately and chop the egg whites.

Open the box and gently pull the mackerel fillets, drain them and put them in a radial pattern on the serving dish.

Between one thread and the other distributed onion rings, egg yolks and egg whites, chopped, alternating between them, and sprinkle with a little olive oil.

With the arricciaburro formed a lot of tinsel of butter and place them in montagnola in the Centre of the plate.

Arrange around the edge of the plate the half-moons of toast and serve immediately.

If you want to make the most digestible onions you can cut them into thin rings, leave immersed for 30 minutes in cold water, Bie, drain and dry them with a towel.

If you want to give the fillets a particularly delicate taste, run drained liquid from them the box, in a dish where you put a little olive oil.

Mackerel fillets for appetizer

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