Boats to mussels

Boats to mussels
Boats to mussels 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Prepare puff pastry (or thaw at room temperature frozen one).

Let thaw at room temperature the mussels.

Finely chop the garlic and basil, and wilt them in oil.

Together with the mussels sauce well drained, letting them stand for a few moments; then add salt and pepper, squirt with two or three tablespoons of water and then thicken the broth.

Roll out dough on pastry Board now in a floured pastry thin and set aside oval pieces suitable for line eight boat-shaped molds.

In the few dry bean boat and bake at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the sauce: melt the butter in a saucepan and add 30 g of flour, stirring very gently with a wooden spoon to remove any lumps.

dilute with warm milk, flavored with a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper and simmer for 10 minutes, without ever stopping to mix.

Remove the sauce from the heat and add the grated Emmenthal cheese and egg yolks.

As soon as they are cooked, estraetele boats from the oven, let cool and sfornatele, fixing on a dish that can go in the oven: fill these out with the mussels, cover with the sauce, then put them in the oven for another 5-10 minutes.

When cooked, take the pot directly on the table.

Boats to mussels

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