Quail egg tartlets

Quail egg tartlets
Quail egg tartlets 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


INGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE 4 canned artichoke bottoms, 300 g cooked ham into thick slices, 1, 5 kg of spinach, 30 g butter, 50 g of grated Cantal (French goat cheese) cheese, quail eggs, 12 2 eggs, 20 cl of fresh cream, grated nutmeg, 600 g puff pastry, an egg yolk, salt, pepper.

Rinse and dry the artichoke bottoms; remove the fat from the ham slices and cut them into small pieces.

Wash spinach thoroughly, heat for 3 minutes, drain and coarsely chop.

Let them soften in the butter until all the water evaporates.

Add in the money pot of artichokes, ham, cheese, salt and pepper; stir and let cool.

Preheat oven to 180° Cook quail eggs for 4 minutes in boiling water, pass through soon after under a jet of cold water and Peel.

Beat the eggs with the cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg and stir the mixture into the pot of spinach.

Cover 4 moulds for tartlets, parchment paper, then foderatele with 2/3 of the pastry.

Stamped on the bottom and sides with a fork, stuff them with the filling, add 3 eggs quail for each tartelletta and cover with the rest of the dough.

Press the edges to prevent the filling from spilling.

Make a hole in the middle and keep it open with a cardboard (' camino ') covered with aluminum foil.

Beat the egg yolk and pennellatevi the surface of the dough; Bake the tartlets for 30 minutes in a hot oven, and serve still warm.

Quail egg tartlets


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