Quail alla parmigiana

Quail alla parmigiana
Quail alla parmigiana 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Clean well the quails (removing the innards and esophagus).

Wipe it quickly on the flame to remove lint, dry them thoroughly and lavale with kitchen paper.

Fill their pancine with a bit of bacon and a few Sage; wrap the outside of the bird with a rasher still legal, immobilizing and thighs and small wings with kitchen Twine.

Put them in a pan with a little butter, powder with a little salt and a little pepper.

Add the hearts and livers of keeping animals and Browns all over a high flame.

Then add a nice splash of brandy, let it evaporate and bathes with broth (with nut).

Let Cook for about an hour (depending on the size of quail).

Delete the ligature, passes into Blender the Bacon that covered the outside of animals, hearts and livers, another dash of brandy and cream.

Must be a smooth and homogeneous cream.

If it is too dense, allungala a bit of milk.

Forgive the quail in the Pan, pour over the sauce and heat without boiling.

Accompany with risotto alla parmigiana.

You can find a table presenting great serving dish with a kind of Hill rice, excavated in the Center, to hold a nest the quagliette or wearing individual plates containing rice's nest already with the animals inside.

Quail alla parmigiana

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