Acquacotta della tuscia

Acquacotta della tuscia
Acquacotta della tuscia 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


In a pot containing only water and salt, bring to boil the potatoes peeled and cut in half, 4 whole cloves of garlic, onions cut into thin slices, mint, chili and tomatoes into pieces (formerly, off-season, you use the small cluster cherry tomatoes, today you can also use bottled tomatoes, or canned tomatoes).

Wild chicory leaves blanched for a few minutes, to remove the bitter taste not at all liked, and must be added at a later date, while the cultivated can be introduced from the very beginning.

To obtain a more complete and dish more palatable, halfway through the cooking you can add the cod to soak the night before, even the less valuable part (the ears), cut into squares, not too small.

As an alternative to cod, also in the form of a dish, when cooked, you can add an egg, poached in the broth as soup or even kicked in.

During cooking it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of liquid, just enough to soak the bread, adding hot water or broth of nut.

When cooked, pour over the bread aged a few days arranged in individual plates (usually are sufficient two thin slices per person), the cooking broth along with chicory, potatoes and a bit of salt cod or the poached egg, so that you are present for every dish all ingredients.

Let it sit for a few minutes with the pot covered, so the bread can soak well, then throw away any unabsorbed residue liquid from bread, and sprinkle the soup with our olive oil extra-virgin, robust flavor and characteristic.

Acquacotta della tuscia

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