Pythons fried messina

Pythons fried messina
Pythons fried messina 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


In a saucepan, warm up 200 g of water in which to dilute the salt and yeast, stirring until the complete solution.

On a plane pour the flour and put it in such a way as to form a circular sulcus where you put the yeast previously prepared.

Knead until absorb all the liquid, add, finally, lard and continue to knead until mix all.

The dough should be soft and not stick to your hands.

Adjust it with warm water and flour the dough and wrap in a towel and let rest for the time it takes to cut into cubes the scamorza and crumble into small pieces the curly Endive.

Arrange the ingredients in appropriate containers to be placed at your fingertips by adding a container for salt and ground black pepper.

Formed 10 Pats of equal weight without kneading.

Flatten with a rolling pin a slab up to reduce it to a sheet of 2/3 mm thick so you have over a medium sized dish upside down and with a knife cut out a circle by removing the remains of the dough.

Place in the semi-circle below 3-4 pieces of anchovies, a tuft of curly Endive, the equivalent of 20 g of scamorza cheese cut into cubes, a pinch of salt and black pepper.

Cover up to match the edges and pressed around the circumference with your fingers to glue the flaps.

The operation must be repeated for all remaining panetti.

FRY in abundant boiling oil until golden.

Tips for a successful recipe perfectly please follow scrupulously the choice of ingredients and preparation.

Do not heat too much water as a temperature exceeding 35 degrees 30/destroys the yeast ferments making it virtually ineffective.

Before flattening the dough you need to sprinkle with flour the work surface so as not to attack the Python.

During the preparation of Python requires the ingredients without soiling with oil, flour the edges will overlap in order to allow a perfect welding for a success of the Python.

Soak in oil for at least Python 5 minutes from preparation to enable the consolidation of the weld.

The Python, during frying, should float in oil; so if you don't have a deep Fryer you can obtain excellent results by using a pan with high edges in which will be paid an amount of vegetable oil to float the Pythons (2 l).

Arrange fried Pythons in a horizontal position on a paper towel to distribute the dough inside and to absorb the excess oil.

Pythons fried messina

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Ingredients and dosing for 6 persons


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